REGAIN 1st published page 2007.

Reduction of Exigence for Growth of their Avarice is Indicative of your Nobility.

In G8 a majority electoral is POSSIBLY 12 million to 1 multiple kilo mega rich.

VALIDITY Don't worship en graven images.
Verity; Virtue, Compassion, Legal, Moral, Conscience, Respect. please

Woman, will you be the politician with the necessity of my council.

An effort to intrigue and persuade G8 leaders.

Value dependent on price Organic policy : comment and vote on other comments and telephone referendums.
Mini change with mini majority. Proportion inverse for ratio of protection and benefit of propriety, to real human value. Please no con job on virtue and verity or interruption from conflict of military.

Environmental conservation does not pay the Bill$. Why pay more? Permission of G8 for opinion public choice to limits on requirements to paying Gates.

The opportunity to pay them less. persons multiple kilo mega rich. Their riches real sufficient for a long time.

Detainees and prisoners fabricating is discipline reasonable and reduction of their debt to victims and society. No nourishment without amelioration.
Dependance addiction extreme inequity for millennial.  Human majority with a secret vote for governance for decades.  Tolerance of grammar please.

Interac vice license  Realistic access and limitations.  Relational with behavior. Choice of voters and 1st minister. Licensed without endorsement. How much did you pay for your debit card? Value dependent on price 
One part, what's your preference? One part your permission to others.
Sauce of cows is cruel and perverse with the possibility for disaster. Illegal for the disposition of cannibalism or the product of animal to a herbivore. Don't risk a billion to save a thousand. Feed it to the pigs instead.

Secret vote for governance is reduction risk of tyranny.  Tyranny is not the necessity for limits.
Amelioration permission G8 for the reduction to requirements to paying multiple kilo mega rich persons. Opinion public choice and mini change with mini majority.

51% authority and affiliation from women.

Would you prefer zero expansion for population global?
SOS  Sensible limitS  Halt Anarchy
Illegal to publicize a group commonly recognized as criminal.

No racism or hatred based on the origin of nation or ethnicity, color, religion, sex, age, or a problem mental or physical. 

Super plus persons prefer quotas during payment.
Our security is dependent on our choice.  Length of your arm and bare is legal. Or as a way to tell or American neighbors' "legal is length of your arm and bare aka unconcealed rifle. Often said that it's about keeping them out of the hands of criminals. I'll ask you to imagine someone with a pistol who loses their job and their partner and gets stupid intoxicated and shoots someone. When did they become a criminal?

The method for the past. Hijackers descend and negotiate. The security of future is halt the passivity and attack the hijackers.
All persons pay contract A company or person you pay to a company or person who pays to a company or person who pays to a company or person who pays to a company or person who pays to a person multiple kilo mega rich.

Your pay is a quota.

Consume petrol in this method?
Change your financing. The opportunity to pay them less. Kyoto Cool, save petroleum and your future is enriched. Plus tax on combustion petrol to halt tax on your new electricity generating gas furnace and other energy efficient products. Coefficient aid with tax relation.
finance opportunity knocks

approximately 4 % of the 2000 premier companies pay persons multiple kilo mega rich.
Poison tax proportional to toxicity to halt tax products that are delicate to biology.

Coefficient aid with tax relation.
700 hrs Bio regeneration 
Would you pay half a million dollars for a superior and excellent caramel bar?
Why pay more?

In response to a demand for public transit : the license of taxi for a dozen dollars. Tel-phone Security : reduction of risk. Compilation of messages for services of emergency.
H Necessity not pay-ability.

A vote of secret from humanity for governors global and the absence of necessity of edifice.
Residency is one necessity of taxation and the majority is exterior and distant.

Your choice to remedy the choice of dictators.
12 at 28 : 1 at 29
Authenticity calendar for the reality of time.
The conflict of interest creates confusion.
{Extreme rich, Government, your effort}
Taxation encourages the dependence.

 Value dependent on price 
Your previous choice for their H response to your maladies is your dignity advance plan.
One part, what's your preference? One part your permission to others.
1/4 million $ auto with 1/4 million $ tax is 1/2 million $ envy.

Permission for cigarettes sold individually is opportunity for consumption reduction.  Imagine if alcohol was only sold by the case. (in restaurants)
The tax of products is a tax to consumers. The method of taxing Microsoft product stagnates the economy and amelioration. Reduction in requirements for paying MS is new benefit and favors amelioration efforts. Taxation is repetition of the error.

Mini auto is presently legal. When mini detached residence? chlorophyls favorite color

The total of residents that vote or create law are federal, local and of province.

Kyoto Cool, save petroleum and your future is enriched.

  closed captions : sous titrage  Embracing opportunity for similarity of expression is conversation global direction. Addition french text to Anglo Canada until a harmonious opinion of the unity of Canada.  Double TV coding and parallel same surface transcriptions.Value dependent on price Method multiple kilo mega rich is prize advantage and minimize pay.   Inverse is humility and generosity. 
SOS  Sensible limits please 
The festival of authenticity of night. Spectacle of stars. Without moon; without obstruction of vision (clouds), without electricity. Their opportunity for hospitals to exercise their generators.

Competition for the riches of person or other methods of keeping score.  The quantity of attention. The number who subscribe. The sum of their confidence. The total of supporters.
Title verity for credit from bank as dollars original creation.
Banks do a super job at securing your money and keeping score. "addition verity plus"
maintain verity and
smother  Anarchy $$$

Contemplation then judgement not passion as brilliance
Colors of Prison
Coup of state of dictators not popular in their nation with subsequent rapid election, accordant adjustment and depart. Value dependent on price VALIDITY   
Absolute calculation is not the necessity of conscience and action.
Insistence of blue helmet employment when uncertain of the authenticity of demand of status of refugee.

 Jury service expansion is disperse rehabilitation.
The job of rehabilitating is dangerous to health 
and safer if it's shared and a once or twice in a
lifetime requirement.

passion, desire, ambition : jealousy, envy, avarice.

A salary of 68 million has the necessity of a millennium of effort to obtain supremacy of richness.

Phone in radio seasonal legislature.

Proportion inverse for the protection and benefit of possession of propriety.

The sediment of feces is the reduction of utility.
Transport of solids combined with commute creates plants of abundance. A desert posterior consider tubular with the liquid.

Attention to our interest in common.
A response to terrorism of recent. Attention to Saudi for a vote of secrecy for the choice of government of finance and petrol.

Present of paper for ballots for an election.

Intonation, language, expression.
Sesame seed thousand, radish million, gourd billion
The reality of scale.

Your choice for we
Your number favorite vote order is variety to consensus. Is convention style voting without the multiple ballots. Our present system allows an election where 2 candidates are pasta and one is salad and salad wins even though pasta got 64% of the vote.
Complete stadium of zero heroes for the creation of the collection of _________. 
The direction of authenticity of validity of person. Please
Remote control for local. GPS Global Positioning System shock collar. Direction or suffer is realistic facility rehabilitation. Invisible chains with pulse electronic.
Disappointing for extremists'.

The obesity absent of imagery. Who is 130,000 times extra proximate to midi rich? {$400,000}
Illegal to deny protection from climate danger with 911 {emergency service} resolution. Even cattle get inside in the bad weather. Now anyone can say no to someone who wants shelter. The change would be if you're asked for shelter you must make arrangements even if it's only calling 911 to pass the responsibility to the authorities who must provide even the most rudimentary life sustaining shelter.

Is obscurity in silence and mute three times beneficial? Vision Please
If his dollars were fat. Rich enough? 100,000 times greater than regular.
Base price assurance attend price in advance of choice and pay. Uniforms of police with non edit audio-visual equipment cause diplomatic effect, verity and facility.

Teeter totter : public private. 
For amelioration it's the law that governs the two. Ascension and or descend and function as coordination and balance.

Persons multiple kilo mega rich. Their value at amassing is real. Not proportional to value of or to humanity. Not proportional to value of or to biology. Not proportional to value of or for technology.

Occupation as Therapy Extreme differences as occupation in combination is amelioration double. Ones' trouble is the others benefit.
1 millimeter equals $100,000 Difficult to ameliorate conditions.

Investor and in-debtor Gracious Bill Gates is not point dozen million multiples of regular personal value. Acceptance of promise of half pay from job one for ad signs to G8 capitals. Are you sufficient accordant to offer me a job? Investment is assurance for not voted to limit of precipice.
Your personal choice for you. Detach obstruction to your choice to half labor and half administration causes vitality and relational sympathy.

Pay them for not job or pay them for amelioration. The expansion of service of jury to rehabilitate the unemployed with necessity. Welfare is waste. A representation of history for the assurance of no omission or repetition double of exigence from change of locality.

3 R's of education : Relevance {Pertinence}Relevance.

Encouragement, protection and reimbursement to exposures' of grand fraud.

Business as in sport. Twice as effective for 10,000 times the money. What's your handicap? {golf} 400 million?, 40 million?, $400,000?

The dimension of text proportional to the toxicity of the ingredient.
Corn to valuable for combustion by automobile.

Liberty of Verity not Fraud Please Freedom {free dumb} of speech is so fifth amendment.

Scholar perfection is double pass.

Multiple Kilo Mega Rich Service to biology is plus possible as Midi Rich $400,000

Exigence Exponential Essential on planet Mountain.
Penalizing cannibals by mass of THC in place of mass of plant discourages dangerous enrichment production. 
SUPER EXTREME PAY is too cliché

Measuring the riches of nation by multiple kilo mega rich is similarity with measuring the richness of person with diamonds and paintings.

Persons multiple kilo mega rich. The value realist of their humanity is what multiple greater than regular?
Human value regular.

Exponential is Essential Reduction in exigence to pay. [minus table]

“in camera session” is misrepresentation. Transparent is invisible. Reduction of secret governmental plus protection from abuses. The direction of exactitude of language.

[bridge with pillars of “validity and verity” ] Extreme Inequity : Real Human Value
persistence, pertinence, palpable
effort, effective, sensibility, sensitivity
possible, probable, realization

And the companies, groups, organizations paying them.
Requirements for paying companies proportional to the propriety of persons most rich. Essential
Example of Possibility; Reduction in requirement for paying person plus rich 30%, 
their propriety of that company 50%, 
Reduction in exigence for payment of that company 15%.

Science {global vital biology.} A test for the communication of spirit is continue your communication verbal in silence and offer attention to the audible conversation.

Is your experience that the distance from the reality of the creation of a baby or the reduction of security with your partner is the augmentation of your orgasm? 

Ever cry wolf? 

 The reduction of desire for the “little death” is the direction of grand vitality. {“la petite vie”)

The law of spirit as the extension of our system of justice. The majority of the dilemma of spirit is relational to the reality of material. Your cranium and person is your propriety and as in the law of propriety of material the presence of another is your choice. Demand depart is depart without substitution. Attention and or reminiscence is not permission for return or entrance.

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  1. Apologies to Japan for not including their prime minister. When I first published they were approaching an election and they have changed first minister often in the last 4-5 years. As part effort to catch up : the current PM is Yoshihiko Noda. Also at that time in 2007 I wasn't aware of how dominant an avarice tyranny psychopath Berlusconi was and is or I would have made more of an example of media monopoly Silvio Berlusconi.