Thursday, November 17, 2011

February 2016  

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Inverse proportion
protection-benefit ratio

Equality and the Canada constitution is best interpreted as a sense of direction.   

Please halt absurd interpretations. Turning the military tank upside down doesn't make it Sunday brunch.

 The "complete" minus table at maximum Avarice

Have you noticed how computers and calculators get inexpensive that the flat earth flat taxers get more persistent. Not the sort of inverse proportion we should hope for... 

Please stop the bullshit about women being avarice. If you research "Avarice" you'll find many pictures of woman as the temptress.  It's similar to putting furry tree hugging with long finger nails (sloths) in the 7 deadly sins.  Or that Silvio Berlusconi is famous and we're not ...

This effort is so G8 leaders will give permission to the world.  It's said as permission and less as resolution because government tends to make efforts unnecessarily expensive.  If it was "resolution" there would be departments and commissions ...    Simply letting business do what it could be good at with some attention to legal court interpretations could just do it...

If your searching for complaints of the spiritual of tyranny...